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New to Unwork to Travel? You are in the right place. On this page, we have assembled some of the best posts to begin your journey. Below, you can find posts that will help you design and start a business to support your ideal lifestyle, travel the world, and increase your happiness and productivity.

But before you get going on your journey, take a minute and get to know who we are, and learn just what Unworking is.

Unwork to Travel is all about living your dream life. What do most people think is between them and the life of their dreams? Money. That is why this section exists. Here, you will learn to create a business that supports the life of your dreams. Whether you want to take care of your toddler instead of dropping her off at daycare, or sipping margaritas and watching the sun goes down over the ocean while you work, this is the place to start.

Travel is a key reason for most who start lifestyle businesses and dream of becoming location independent. It certainly was for us. In this section, we will help you plan your first trip, your next trip, or your dream trip. We will even throw in a few travel stories for inspiration.

The most underappreciated aspect of lifestyle design, and life in general! In order to be successful as any type of entrepreneur, you will need to master the habits and routines that will allow you to be successful. And happiness? Let’s get real, who DOESN’T want a little bit more happiness? So work on finding it wherever you are, whether that is at home, or on a beach in Thailand, happiness starts with YOU.

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