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Unwork to Travel!

We are Logan and Michole Greenwood. We set out to live a life of travel and adventure, by “Unworking.” Unworking is our unique take on creating a lifestyle business that allows you to pursue your dreams and travel the world.


Unwork to Travel exists to help you:

Becoming the happiest, most productive version of yourself

Achieve location Independence

Live a life of travel and adventure

Become a digital nomad


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Most Recent Posts

Best Hikes in Southern California

Looking back on nearly three years in Southern California, there is no doubt that hiking was one of our favorite past times there. Southern California offers some of the best hiking in the world, and most of our favorite trails are only an hour or two from the beach!...

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Planning a Trip to Baja? Read This First!

Planning a Trip to Baja? Read This First! So you are thinking of taking your first trip to Mexico? Maybe you want to, but are too afraid of all the horror stories that you hear on the news. Maybe you have told people about your planned trip, only to have them respond...

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Make Money Pet Sitting with

Make Money Pet Sitting with We return to an age-old problem. We want to travel, to be location independent, etc, etc. But how to finance it? Today I am going to share our experience pet sitting, and how you can use pet sitting jobs to help you travel or just...

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