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We are Logan and Michole Greenwood. We set out to live a life of travel and adventure, by “Unworking.” Unworking is our unique take on creating a lifestyle business that allows you to pursue your dreams and travel the world.

Unwork to Travel exists to help you:

Becoming the happiest, most productive version of yourself

Achieve location Independence

Live a life of travel and adventure

Become a digital nomad

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A Morning Routine to 10X Your Life

A morning routine to 10x your life When we launched Unwork to Travel, one of our first posts was Four Productive Habits of Successful People. Number one on that list was “creating a morning routine.” And this habit is so important, that I thought it needed its own...

A Caribbean Cruise and Explosions

A Caribbean Cruise and Explosions Nothing is ever simple with us. Our first-time backcountry camping, we were miles into the desert, nowhere near an established trail, in below freezing temperatures, when multiple groups of people stumbled upon our campsite throughout...

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