Self Fulfillment

Here you can find all of our posts that help you become the happiest, most productive version of yourself. Many overlook this aspect of their lives. But if we are unhappy with ourselves, we will never find the happiness or success that we desire in other aspects of our lives.

The 2011 Tuscaloosa Tornado

Reflection and Self Improvement Our last few posts have been about traveling and making money to fund those travels. Naturally, those things are very important to us. But, we at Unworkt to Travel also promised you posts meant for self-fulfillment and self-reflection....

Learning a Second Language with Pimsleur

Learning a Second Language with Pimsleur Back in November, when Michole and I decided to quit our jobs and get serious about becoming digital nomads, I set several goals for the next 100 days. One of those was to “be able to converse in Spanish.” Sound like an...

Our Journey to Minimalism: Day 20

6:00am Michole and I will be minimizing, or as I like to say “purging,” 83 things today. Sound a little bizarre to you? Me too. Our journey to minimalism has been fun so far, but we still have a long way to go and a short time, less than two weeks, to get there (Jerry...

Minimalism and Self-Fulfillment

minimizing and self-fulfillment As you know, our time in beautiful Southern California is fast drawing to a close. Our last day in our apartment will be December 15. The plan? A life of freedom, travel, love, and happiness! The problem is that two of those things:...

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